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Marketing goals must always be measurable. From paid ads and SEO campaigns to marketing qualified leads and web analytics, you need to provide hard stats on your efforts and the value you are providing. Especially with SEO, it is critical to report the correct data on organic traffic, engagement metrics, conversions, rankings, competitive research, and a lot more. This helps steer your campaign in the right direction, so you can work towards achieving your business goals. Here are some useful and free SEO report templates you should use:

1. Backlinko’s SEO Report template

Free SEO Report Template by Backlinko

A free monthly SEO report template that provides a detailed outlook of your efforts, while being simple enough to ensure an average person can easily read it.

2. Free SEO Report template by AHREFs

AHREFs tell you what important points you need to keep in mind while creating an SEO report (SEO health, backlinks, ranking progress, organic traffic progress, lead conversions etc) and helps you create a template with a step-by-step process.

3. Free guides and reporting templates for SEO by Moz

Moz offers a collection of useful resources and templates to help you become more adept at SEO, and create elegant, value-driven reports to demonstrate your efforts.

4. How to build your own SEO report by Webris

Webris provides a monthly reporting SEO template that they use for all their SEO clients. With over 16 pages of reporting and various metrics covered, this SEO template is made in Google Data Studio.


5. Free SEO Report template from Whatagraph


Whatagraph’s free SEO report template helps you visualize your SEO data and metrics which may help you to take the right actions.

6. Google Data Studio SEO template by SEMRush


SEMRush offers a Google Data Studio report that caters to all your marketing needs. The data is pulled through Google Analytics, Search console, and SEMRush tools.


If you have just begun your journey of SEO, then you must certainly know whether your page or website is being ranked by Google or not. Here is how you can do it 🙂

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