How to check if your Page is Indexed by Google

If you’ve been trying to know how to check if page is indexed by Google or not, then you’ve come to the right place. With this post, we’re going to show you 4 ways on how to know for sure if a page or website is indexed or not!

1. Site:Domain-

This is one of the easiest methods of checking specific pages that are indexed or not.

How to use this?

Go to Google’s search bar or, type in site: domain name + keyword/page-title.

An example can be, “ how to tell if a page is indexed by Google” should ideally through up a SERP result of this page.

Mind if you cross-check that?

2. Using the URL Inspection Tool:

All you have to do here is head over to Google Search Console (Google Webmasters Tool, for those of you who’re old 😛 ) and use the URL Inspection tool.


Where is it?

It’s right there at the top. All you must do is, add the URL you want to check the status of.

Just in case, you see that it says, that your URL is not on Google?

Just click on the ‘Request Indexing’ and it might just help speed the process.

3. Copy+paste+Search:

This is exactly how it looks. Just copy a paragraph of your content and paste it on Google. If it throws up on SERP, then Yay!

For Example, I took a paragraph of content from one of my blogs on blogging strategy and pasted it on Google.

The unique text which I added gets highlighted and the first result on SERP is naturally mine.
This method is also helpful when you’re trying to check if content under accordions or FAQ sections is getting indexed or not.

While doing this exercise, I also found out, how few of my blog posts, like this one on social media campaign although it is part of my sitemap, and also shows up as ‘URL is on Google’ on the URL Inspection Tool, the text doesn’t show up!

Surprising, right?

I have re-submitted it for indexing using the same method I described above and will update this section after this starts happening.

4. Using the Cached Version:

While this is more to check the ‘how Google is indexing a page’ instead of checking if it is getting indexed or not. This still helps a lot in being sure of how the page has been indexed, or ‘how the bots see your page’s content’. If you’re not able to see a version here, then you should check as to whether your page is getting indexed or not!

All you have to do for this is, ‘cache: URL” to check the status of the page. For example, I used, ‘cache:’ to get the following result.


I ended up clicking on the text-only version of the site to check how the page looks without all the jazz of the theme to the Google Bots!

Of course, this last example also needs to be looked at with a small caveat. If your website is built using any modern-day JS, like angular or node, where your focus is on UX, then it’ll be difficult to get hold of the cached version using this method. There are certain challenges on how Google indexes sites like those as well. Not that it isn’t possible, but there are challenges. But, more on that later!

So, here we are, after learning 4 different ways of checking how you can check if your page is indexed on Google or not.

There are quite a lot of tools that can also help you check if your page is indexed or not.

If you found this post interesting, let us know in the comments. Also, if you use any other method to check the indexation status of your page, do comment below.

And if you want to learn more about Indexation (and you should!) do read here: Link

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