5 Things to know before you start your Social Media Campaign

Are you starting a Social Media Campaign?

Here are 5 things to know before you kick-start your Social media Campaign

  1. Know yourself:

    Know yourself. Know about your company. Know your Industry. Know everything which you want to promote on Social media. You should understand the industry (and the product/service) you are dealing with.

    People will only take you seriously if they consider you as an expert in the segment which you operate in or are providing helpful information, adding value to them, aspiring, or relatable. This can only be possible if you know what you’re talking about.

    Curate Content:
    Content is the king. No matter what others tell you, it still is. The first and easiest way to start on your content creation is “to elaborate”. Pen down all you know about the industry. Even better, if you can create a blog out of it.

    Analyze what excites people the most and what brings the most traffic. Experiment with different forms of content here to zero down to what clicks for you or your brand.

    Now, when you have the ingredients, it’s time to cook a variety of dishes, i.e, use these on different social media platforms. Very short ones on Twitter and a bit longer on Facebook. Pictures work everywhere and have more appeal.

  2. Create a Calendar:

    Having a schedule works wonderfully. It’s very simple.
    -> Create a spreadsheet with different Social Media platforms marked
    -> Prepare it for a week. For e.g, 4 tweets/day and 1 post on Facebook
    -> Revisit this every week to shuffle and analyze what worked and what didn’t.
    -> Keep a mixed bag of content. Text, picture, video as well as links.
    -> Don’t repeat too much. Keep it fresh.

  3. Use Analytics:

    Every Social media platform has its own Analytics. Don’t just look at them, Put them to use and mold it to your advantage.

    In your calendar, mark those posts/tweets that created engagements.

    Ask why?

    To create similar content and see if the pattern continues.

    Measure content across different platforms. Is there a pattern? Or the audience reaction differs based on the platform?

    The answers to these questions will give you an idea of what works best. Having data which you can look at, helps give perspective to your efforts.

  4. Keep it fresh:

    Don’t get into the habit of repetition. Complacency can stop the engagement you’re getting on social media. Once people stop responding to a few posts of yours, it might be difficult to reach them.

    Even if your campaign might have clicked earlier, there’s no guarantee that your “fans” or “followers” will stick with you forever. You must continue giving them quality content to let them stick with you.

    Don’t keep rotating the same stuff. Curate content regularly. Use trending topics to your advantage. And just keep refreshing your campaign. Try to meet and discuss campaign-related issues with your team-mates for a fresh perspective. Or, just shoot questions on social media to get ideas from others. Including your followers.

To conclude,

There are lots of other things which can be done. The purpose of this post is just to get you started with the social media campaign by using these simple tips for social media strategy. Using social media analytics, Social media calendar and curating social media content, the campaign can be kick-started.

In case you need any help, you can always approach us over an email (digitortoise@gmail.com) for a free consultation.

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