Top 10 Free Excel Courses Available Online

Getting certified in Microsoft Excel and demonstrating a solid understand of excel concepts is a sure-shot way to land a coveted job or get promoted quickly. If you are eager to learn Microsoft Excel online, here is a comprehensive list of the top free excel courses and resources:

1. Microsoft’s Excel Training Centre

If you are beginning your journey to the world of Microsoft Excel, then there’s no better way than to start with the Microsoft Excel Training Centre. After all, they are the ones who have created this software!

Microsoft has some of the best online resources for learning excel – their training centre for Excel has numerous free tutorials, videos, and guides for the latest and older versions of Excel on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Whether you want to learn excel from scratch or get hand-on experience with advanced excel training, this is a great place to take the first step.

2. Excel Exposure

Offering nearly 40 MS Excel tutorials, Excel Exposure helps you improve your excel skills no matter what your level of proficiency – ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Standard’. It has written and video-based courses, as well as a ‘Master Workbook’ to implement your learnings in each lesson, whether it is time and date functions, using Pivot Tables and conditional formatting, or learning how to group and ungroup rows and columns.

3. Trump Excel

Started by Sumit Bansal in 2013, Trump Excel has quickly become one of the most preferred sources to learn basic and advanced excel. The website offers 4 free pieces of training:

  • Excel Basic to Advanced
  • Excel Dashboard course
  • Excel VBA course
  • Excel Power Query Course

Apart from the above, Trump Excel has numerous free MS Excel tips and tutorials for both basic and advanced learners.

4. Udemy

Udemy offers a host of free and paid courses on Microsoft Excel. While its paid courses are extremely affordable and cost barely more than a cup of coffee, it has numerous free tutorials that cover various aspects of learning excel.

5. Chandoo

Started by Purna Duggirala after his moniker ‘Chandoo’ in 2007, ranks amongst the best online resources for learning Excel. With an aim to make people awesome at ‘Excel and charting’, Chandoo is a community-driven website where articles, videos and tutorials are created on the basis of real issues faced by users. Whether you are a beginner or looking for advanced excel training, Chandoo should be your go-to resource if you want to delve deeper into the subject.

6. GCF Global

If you’re looking to get acquainted with the basics of Excel, then GCF Global is a pretty good place to look at. With its step-by-step approach for each tutorial, you will easily learn what Excel is all about and what its different functionalities are.

7. Corporate Finance Institute

Some of the best and top free excel courses online are offered by CFI. You can go for a crash course to learn only the most important excel functions, improve your financial analysis abilities with a cheat sheet of excel shortcuts or opt for more detailed training with advanced excel courses and self-study modules.

8. Excel Hero

Started by Microsoft MVP Daniel Ferry, Excel Hero provides an in-depth look at Microsoft Excel, and the online, self-paced training and tutorials on the website have received accolades from various quarters of different industries. While the website hasn’t been updated since 2013, it’s still a pretty good resource on how to learn excel and improve your skills.

9. Mr Excel

Mr Excel is a forum that allows you to connect with Excel experts and have your queries answered by them – even in your native language (if English is not your strong point). Apart from interacting with the experts, Mr Excel offers helpful books and eBooks, and you can even hire an Excel consultant if you or your company need any complex problem to be solved.

10. Excel Easy

Excel Easy is a comprehensive resource to learn Microsoft Excel online. It builds on the basics and moves on to more advanced functions while offering various examples on how to learn excel and its different functionalities.


Do share your review for any of the courses listed above or if you know of any other free courses we can add to this list. Happy learning.

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