Free Adobe After Effects Courses and Tutorials

Video has today become the most powerful tool for communicating a message. Whether you want to craft a marketing campaign for a new product or service, pitch your brand to prospects, customers, and venture capitalists, or increase leads by grabbing the attention of users, video is the way ahead. To create amazing videos, you need to be adept in tools like Adobe After Effects, which allow you to develop advanced digital visual effects and motion graphics. While learning this software might seem like an overwhelming task initially, you can start from scratch and become an expert with dedicated practice. Here are the top free Adobe After Effects courses you can pursue online:

1. Adobe Tutorials

If you are looking for free Adobe After Effects courses and tutorials, there’s no better place to start than at the Adobe website. Browse a range of video tutorials, hands-on projects, and the latest tips and tricks, for both beginner and advanced learners.

2. SkillShare

At SkillShare, you can start a free 2-month premium trial and discover some of the best free courses on Adobe After Effects. Discover classes on After Effects, 2d Animation, Adobe After Effects, and more!

3. Udemy

Udemy offers a bevy of free and paid courses for Adobe After Effects. Explore a range of projects to create stunning Motion Graphics, VFX Visual Effects & VFX Compositing with a variety of tutorials more than 50 practice projects.

4. LinkedIn Learning

Start your trial month with LinkedIn Learning and get access to free Adobe After Effects courses. Learn how you can start from the basics and move to an advanced level by getting trained with industry experts.

5. Motion Design

Get free Adobe After Effects course at Motion Design. Get started with the fundamentals and explore the nitty gritties of the software through practical, structured tutorials. Also get a free exclusive Motion Tools plugin!

Have you tried any of the above courses or tutorials? Do let us know.

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