HTML Interview questions

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the basic building block of any website. Whether you want to learn coding or gain more knowledge about how a website works from the backend as well as front-end, it is essential to be aware of HTML. If you are a budding digital marketer, work in a digital agency, or interested in creative design, learning HTML provides you a broader understanding of your work and helps you communicate better with developers. Simply said, learning HTML is a big plus if you are going to be involved in any kind of website building or mobile development. For job interviews, most recruiters expect you to have a working knowledge of HTML and it’s important to prepare accordingly. Here’s a list of 70 HTML interview questions you should prepare for:

Q1. Explain the difference between HTML elements and tags.

Q2. Explain what are attributes and would you use them.

Q3. Explain the difference between a block-level element and an inline element.

Q4. When do you add comments in HTML?

Q5. Which HTML tags are used to display the data in a tabular form?

Q6. How do you create a hyperlink in HTML?

Q7. What lists do you use while designing a page?

Q8. What is semantic HTML?

Q9. How do you create a nested webpage in HTML?

Q10. What is an image map?

Q11. Can a hyperlink used only on text?

Q12. Describe the layout of HTML.

Q13. What is a marquee and what is its use?

Q14. Which tags are used to separate a section of texts?

Q15. Explain the difference between DIV and SPAN in HTML.

Q16. Why do you use alternative text in images?

Q17. How do you create a new HTML element?

Q18. Is the <!DOCTYPE html> tag considered as a HTML tag?

Q19. Why is a URL encoded in HTML?

Q20. Explain the use of iframe tag.

Q21. What are the entities in HTML?

Q22. Is it possible to create multi-colored text on a web page?

Q23. How do you make a picture of a background image of a web page?

Q24. Explain with an example, the use of the SPAN tag.

Q25. What’s the advantage of collapsing white space?

Q26. Is it possible to keep list elements straight in an HTML file?

Q27. What’s the difference between LocalStorage And SessionStorage Objects.

Q28. When do you use frames?

Q29. How do active links differ from normal links?

Q30. Which tags are used to separate sections of text?

Q31. Can the text appear outside of the browser?

Q32. What is the advantage of grouping several checkboxes together?

Q33. If there is no text between the tags, will it affect the display of the HTML file?

Q34. What are the limits of the text field size?

Q35. How are border and rule attributes related?

Q36. What is SVG?

Q37. What’s the use of the button tag?

Q38. What media types and formats are supported by HTML?

Q39. What is cell spacing and cell padding?

Q40. Explain the difference between HTML and XHTML

Q41. What types of CSS can be included in HTML?

Q42. What are logical and physical tags in HTML?

Q43. What’s the process to apply Javascript to a web page?

Q44. Do all character entities display properly on all systems?

Q45. How do you insert a copyright symbol on a browser page?

Q46. If the user’s operating system does not support a particular character, how can the symbol be represented?

Q47. What type of bullets are available in HTML?

Q48. Can a single text link point to two different web pages?

Q49. Do <th> tags always need to come at the start of a row or column?

Q50. Which browsers support HTML5?

Q51. What is the use of Canvas element?

Q52. What are the new FORM elements which are available in HTML5?

Q53. What is the Application Cache in HTML5 and why it is used?

Q54. What are the different input types provided by HTML5 for forms?

Q55. Which video formats are supported by HTML5?

Q56. Does HTML5 support audio tags?

Q57. How is the progress tag different from the meter tag?

Q58. How many glyphs does bootstrap include?

Q59. How do you allow an element to lock to an area on the page?

Q60. What happens after fixed positioned is added to the element?

Q61. What indicates a closable alert box?

Q62. What changes button text to the original text?

Q63. Which event occurs when collapsible element is fully shown?

Q64. What appends the popover to specific elements?

Q65. What is Longdesc in HTML?

Q66. What are applets?

Q67. How do you put sounds for older versions of Internet Explorer?

Q68. How do you remove the border around frames?

Q69. How do you create a link that opens a new window?

Q70. How do you specify a combination of frames instead of the default document?

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