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In a an age where, visual communication is paramount, Graphic Design is an essential skill. If you are interested in building a career in Graphic Design or simply adding another skill-set to your arsenal, here are a list of free Graphic

Apart from the list of Courses, I’ve also added few blogs/resources that can help you in understanding the topics in more detail.

Along with the Course links, I’ve added description of the courses available on each of the courses to help you decide.

List of Free Graphic Design Courses

Alison’s Visual and Graphic Skills

“The Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design course is ideal for students studying graphic design, those working in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) or indeed anyone interested in design in general.

Exploring graphic design, industrial design and the design process in general, this exciting course examines various design elements including line, shape, form and texture and design principles, covering composition, balance, contrast and hierarchy.”

Alison’s Design Principles

“This Graphic Design course builds on the introductory course and investigates the application of graphic design principals in the production process such as composition, balance, contrast and hierarchy. It is suitable for students studying graphic design, and designers and artists working in the graphic design industry.”

Alison’s Photoshop Essential C6 Tools

“Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the world’s most popular graphics and digital photo-editing software program. It is used by millions of graphic designers and photographers. This Adobe Photoshop CS6 video tutorial course is the ideal introduction to the skills and techniques needed to master image manipulation and photographic re-touching.

The course will guide you through how to use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and its user interface and you will learn in a step-by-step manner how to use the basic essential tools for editing and enhancing your photographs. The course will show you how to remove background elements from the image, re-touch”

Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design

“Graphic design goes beyond Photoshop. Learn the basics of design theory to become a real graphic design master”

Canva Design School’s Introduction to Graphic Design

“This course will teach foundational graphic design principles (fonts, colors, images, backgrounds, and layouts) and how to apply them to your own Canva designs.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills you need to create stunning graphics that stand out from the crowd!”

Envato Tuts+ Illustration and Design Courses’s design and illustration database

“1,130+ video-based courses and short courses to help you develop creative and technical skills. What would you like to learn?”

Ideas from the History of Graphic Design

“This condensed survey course focuses on four key periods or themes from the history of design. Together we’ll trace the emergence of design as a recognized practice, why things look the way they do, and how designers approached specific design problems in their work.

Each week, a short quiz will test your knowledge of concepts, and a short reflective assignment will give you the opportunity to analyze the questions designers ask themselves today.

This is an essential course for emerging designers entering the field, or for students interested in learning more about visual culture and analysis. No previous experience is required.”

Graphic Design

“Visual communication is as critical to professional success as written or oral communication. Graphic design skills will help you ensure that your visual business assets convey a clear and compelling message – and learning the essentials of good design is surprisingly easy.

This course introduces you to a straightforward design process that emphasizes planning, clarity, and focus. You’ll learn to use contrast, repetition, proximity, and tension to create design that is both credible and visually appealing, and you’ll emulate best practices as you work with examples from a wide range of media. When you complete the course, you’ll have the skills you need to design clear and compelling presentation slides, professional reports, business websites, and more.

All of the course assignments can be completed with basic presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. You’ll have opportunities to work with and explore more sophisticated tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well.”

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

“At the end of this course you will have learned how to explore and investigate visual representation through a range of image-making techniques; understand basic principles of working with shape, color and pattern; been exposed to the language and skills of typography; and understand and have applied the principles of composition and visual contrast. If you complete the course, along with its optional (but highly recommended) briefs, you will have a core set of graphic design skills that you can apply to your own projects, or to more deeply investigate a specialized area of graphic design.”

Introduction to Typography

“In this rigorous introductory course, we will study, name, and measure the characteristics of letterforms. We’ll consider the pragmatic concerns involved in selecting and combining type. We’ll peek into the 
rich historical, cultural, and aesthetic histories of familiar typefaces. We’ll discuss time-tested conventions and best practices in setting type, as governed by principles of hierarchy and spatial organization. And we’ll explore the expressive, meaning-making potential of type.”

Graphic Design History: An Introduction

“The course is taught by Brockett Horne and Ellen Lupton, renowned authors and leading faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). In a series of dynamic conversations, they will introduce you to fascinating people and processes that changed the way we communicate. Test your knowledge with short quizzes, and stretch your own design practice by responding to inspiring creative prompts.”

Learn Adobe Photoshop from Scratch

“This course is comprehensive introduction to professional photoshop design principles. You will surely learn a lot and will be to use photoshop in various commercial and personal projects.”

Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

“Upon completion of this course. You’ll know how to create unique symbols, add elements to a word, use geometric shapes and initials, and position text properly.”


Free Resources/Blogs for learning Graphic Design:

Veerle’s Graphic Design Blog

Creative Pro


Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline


Apart from this list, if you find any other course or resource which is helpful for beginners, do let us know and we’ll try to add it to the list.

Happy Learning 🙂

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