If you’re heading for an interview, here’s a list of content marketing interview questions that you MUST have a look. Cracking this list can help you work your way through the interview.

If you don’t find the answer to any of the questions, comment away your query and we’ll help you out.

  1. What is meant by content marketing?
  2. What Qualifies as Content?
  3. What do you enjoy about content creation?
  4. Why do you like Writing?
  5. What are the ways to determine the style, tone, and voice for any piece of content?
  6. How does a piece of content entertain or educates its readers?
  7. How often has your content been critiqued in the past? How do you deal with it?
  8. How do you incorporate feedback and edits into your work?
  9. How do you proofread a piece of work?
  10. How do you decide on topics and formats to focus on?
  11. What steps would you take to develop a content marketing strategy if you were to start here today?
  12. What makes any content, successful?
  13. What’s your Content creation process, like?
  14. How do you promote your content?
  15. How do you know if your content has performed well?
  16. Why does content marketing matter for companies today?
  17. What makes for a remarkable piece of content? List down the must-haves!
  18. Share an example of a brand doing content marketing exceptionally well.
  19. What information would you need to know before content creation for any project?
  20. How would you ensure that you capture our company’s voice through our content?
  21. How would you tackle technical subjects deemed boring by readers with your content?
  22. How do you differentiate between a credible and a not-so-credible source?
  23. How important is SEO to Content Writing?
  24. What steps would you take to make your writing more SEO-friendly?
  25. What style guides are you familiar with? Which one is your favorite?
  26. How do you make sure you meet deadlines?
  27. What are you reading right now? What types of book do you read?
  28. What would you say are formats you are most comfortable writing in?
  29. What content management systems have you used? How easy/difficult are they to use?
  30. Steps to Developing A Content Marketing Strategy? Explain a basic structure.
  31. What’s your take on creating more and more content?
  32. What do you mean by Content Repurposing?
  33. How Often Should I Post Fresh Content on My Site?
  34. How Important Is It to Share My Content on Social Media?
  35. Do you think Guest Blogging is part of a content marketing strategy?
  36. Why do I Need An Editorial Calendar?
  37. How Important Are Keywords In Content Marketing?
  38. How Do I Make My Content Engaging?
  39. How Can Content Marketing turn anyone into an Industry Thought Leader?
  40. How do you differentiate between B2c And B2b Content Marketing?
  41. Trending Content Vs Evergreen Content?
  42. Is Short-form better than Long-form Content Better?
  43. How Can I Create Content That Converts?
  44. What Are Some Common Content Marketing Mistakes?
  45. How Do I Get People To Read My Content?
  46. How Do I Measure The Success Of My Content Marketing Efforts – And My Overall Digital Marketing Efforts?
  47. Which Digital Marketing websites do you follow?
  48. How do you create a loyal reader base?
  49. How would you work with cross-functional teams to get your work done?
  50. Where do you think is the future of Content Marketing headed?

Do share any insights from your end to increase the list of relevant Content Marketing Interview questions.

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