50+ Android Interview Questions

Android interview questions

Ever since the Android operating system was released by Google in 2008, the demand for mobile applications has witnessed a solid growth over the years. With the release of its deliciously titled versions such as Honeycomb, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo (to name a few), Android has become the most popular mobile operating system with users around the world. Amidst its growing popularity, companies are looking to hire more android developers by the day. To help you prepare for these companies, here is a list of Android interview questions you must go through:

  1. What are some storage options available in Android?
  2. Explain the build process in Android.
  3. What are some languages that can be used to program in Android?
  4. List out the major components of Android App.
  5. What are the different tools available in Android development? Describe their functions.
  6. Explain the Android Interface Definition Language.
  7. What are ‘activities’? Describe the lifecycle of an activity. Is there any difference between activities and services?
  8. State some advantages and disadvantages of Android.
  9. What is Android Runtime?
  10. Explain the dialog boxes supported on Android.
  11. Explain Sensors in Android
  12. What do you mean by the APK format?
  13. What’s ANR in Android?
  14. Explain what is DVM?
  15. Explain what’s a BuildType in Gradle?
  16. What’s an Armv7?
  17. What is an intent in Android?
  18. What is NDK?
  19. Explain what’s an “Emulator” in Android?
  20. Please explain the lifecycle of an Activity?
  21. Explain the difference between onCreate() and onStart()?
  22. Explain the use of FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TASK?
  23. What is service in Android? List its types?
  24. Explain the use of AsyncTasks?
  25. What is IntentService?
  26. Explain what are Handlers in Android?
  27. What’s the onTrimMemory() method?
  28. How do you disable onBackPressed()?
  29. Describe some layouts available in android.
  30. What measures can you take to avoid ANR?
  31. What Is the Google Android SDK?
  32. What is a PendingIntent?
  33. Describe some testing scenarios to be tested on real devices and not on emulators.
  34. What is Context?
  35. How do you find memory leaks in an application on the Android platform?
  36. Describe the architecture of an Android application.
  37. If an application crashes frequently, how do you troubleshoot it?
  38. Explain DDMS in brief.
  39. What’s the difference between implicit and explicit intent?
  40. What is the AndroidManifest.xml file? Do you need this file?
  41. Discuss the different launch modes in Android
  42. Which components are necessary for a New Android Project?
  43. Discuss the importance of setting up permission in Android application development?
  44. Name the different data types supported by AIDL?
  45. What is the full form of AAPT? Explain AAPT?
  46. What is the use of XML based layouts?
  47. Define containers in the Android system?
  48. State the full form of ADB? Define ADB?
  49. Describe the different states in an activity?
  50. What are the permissions in the application development process?
  51. Are there any critical loops while monitoring an activity?
  52. What are the possible states in which a process is based?
  53. What is Dalvik? How is it useful to Android System?
  54. What are the Default Resources? How are they useful?
  55. Define AIDL.
  56. What is a Fragment in the Android system?

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