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Are you interested to submit a guest post on DigiTortoise?
Yes? then, you’re most Welcome!
If you’re interested in writing an insightful, unique and informative article to help the DigiTortoise audience, please go through our guidelines below and send across your pitch (or your post itself, if you already have written).

What Type of articles do we Publish?
We cater to an audience set mostly of Digital Marketing newbies trying to find their place in the field, Bloggers, and Small Businesses who are trying to learn the digital lingo or trying to build a career in the same.
We are more than happy to publish original content which includes how-to guides, Case Studies, Thought-leadership articles, trend-based articles, etc. The articles can be about SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Social Media, Content Marketing and anything and everything that falls under the ambit of Digital Marketing.

The content has to be free of jargons and talk about actions to help the reader-base.

What Type of Articles we Don’t Publish
Already Published/ plagiarized content.
Overtly Promotional Articles written solely for the intent of promoting Tools, products or services.

What is our Linking policy:
As of now, we don’t pay for Guest Post contributions. However, an author byline with a link to your blog/website will be provided. Sounds good?
In the article, we are open to giving links to relevant resources and tools, provided they are crucial to what is being talked about and not forced into writing.
Keeping or removing links is at our discretion. All links pointed to spammy websites will be removed.

What could get you Guest Post pitch accepted
Good Content is the key. Just send across something good and we’re open to discussing.

Here are few examples of the type of content we’re looking for:

SEO + Content Marketing: How to make this relationship work

A 5-step guide to getting started with Digital Marketing

So, How to pitch your Guest Post?

Simply, email us your pitch with the subject line: Guest post contribution
List down your Article Topic(s)
A Brief Bio of the author: Please don’t create fake profiles and send us.
Link to published content (if any)
Email id: digitortoise@gmail.com

Sounds good?