10 Competitive Analysis Guides

Competitive analysis is an essential part to succeed in any business. No matter how well you do, there will always be that rival firm nipping at your heels and trying to push itself to the top. For any product or service your business, there are bound to be other companies that offer a similar product as yours. In a crowded marketplace, competitive research becomes all the more important – the more information and insights you have about the strategies and being employed by competing firms, the easier it becomes to devise or modify new and existing ones to stay a step ahead of all others. Here is a list of 10 competitive analysis guides to help you get started:

1. Competitive Analysis Guide by CXL

Competitive Analysis Guide from CXL

For Peep Laja at CXL Institute, researching your competitors is not as simple as a cut-and-dry process. It should be value-based and integrated with the research you are already doing. While he adds a note of caution that being reactive can sometimes be more harmful than doing nothing at all, having enough knowledge about your competitors is always better.

2. Effective Competitive Analysis by Brandwatch

Competitive Analysis Guide by Brandwatch

A comprehensive guide on competitor analysis that makes you understand the basics and what aspects do you need to explore in order to come up with effective competitor data.

3. Competitor Analysis Guide by BlueFrontier

Competitive Analysis Guide by Blue Frontier

BlueFrontier takes an SEO-based approach to conduct competitive analysis and covers various steps that can help you gain a competitive advantage over other businesses.

4. Easy Competitive Analysis by Impact

Impact's Competitive Analysis Guide

Impact stresses on the importance of competitive analysis in a crowded marketplace and how you can achieve strategic advantage over your rival firms in five easy steps.

5. Competitive Analysis Guide by Smashing Magazine

Competitive Analysis Guide by Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine’s competitive analysis guide takes a designer-centric approach and emphasizes on collection of critical data if you want to create a user-friendly product.

6. Conducting Comprehensive Competitive Analysis by Myk Pono

Competitive Analysis Guide by Myk Pono

Myk Pono’s extensive competitive analysis guide provides a framework to understand its scope, helps you explore market trends, and evolve your go-to-market and positioning strategy accordingly.

7. The Essential Guide to Competitive Analysis by CloudApp

Competitive Analysis Guide by CloudApp

CloudApp provides a structured competitive analysis guide that explores the various aspects that revolve around researching your competitors, explains what are the various competitive analysis charts as well as a detailed look at the Porter’s Five Forces model.

8. The Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Research by Quantcast

Competitive Analysis Guide

Quantcast’s competitive analysis guide helps you learn the importance of doing crucial research on your competitors, the different ways to do it, the mistakes to avoid, and how to stay at the top with the information you have.

9. Free Competitor Analysis Guide by Hubspot

Competitive Analysis Guide by Hubspot

Hubspot’s free competitor analysis guide is available in the form of an eBook. It provides a detailed insight into how you can identify the direct and indirect competitors, analyze your rival firm’s strategies to gain key insights, and how you can align your entire team to have a strategic advantage.

10. Conducting Competitor Analysis by Talkwalker

Competitive Analysis Guide by Talkwalker

An in-depth guide to competitive analysis by Talkwalker. This guide is a golden mine of useful links, detailed steps and has a competitive analysis template included to help you track, analyze, & outsmart the competition.

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